Charge Capture
Patient Management and Billing Technology... In the Palm of your Hand.  
  • Decrease time spent rounding on hospital patients.
  • Accurate coding and linking of diagnosis and procedure codes.
  • Immediate turn-around time for billing.
  • Reduce third party payor denials.

The newest technology to maximize physician's efficiency on hospital rounds and enhance the management of patient information and billing is now available.  Whether you're a single-practitioner office, a billing service responsible for multiple independent practices, or a large, multi-practice clinic, it's time that you signed on with the best software system available.

Using PocketPC™ technology, the makers of LynxIT Solution™ have created a software package which brings patient context and immediate billing capabilities to the patient floor. Enhancing the way physicians complete hospital rounds can greatly improve their efficiencies, capture lost revenue and ensure more accurate coding documentation.

"More efficient transfer of billable activities for ease and expedience of third party payor billing gives all users of our system significantly more time during their day."

--A Marketing Guy

* Patient names displayed have been artificially generated.

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